Meet Dr. Steve

Meet Dr. Steve

During high school summers, Dr. Miller worked in Estes Park Colorado as an assistant horse wrangler at Cheley Camp. Not only did he sleep in a Conestoga Wagon, but he also learned to ride horses and even crack a mean bull whip.

Besides studying and practicing spiritual and physical Yoga, Dr. Steve presents lectures on Zane Grey ( a dentist and romantic, historical western author) while dressed in authentic cowboy garb and FAKE mustache. All cowboys had mustaches, but not all pediatric dentists. Dr Steve also began studying guitar. He is almost finished with his “Kids guitar” book!

Dr. Miller started this practice in 1979 and has been practicing pediatric dentistry for more than 40 years. He has reduced his schedule and is practicing part-time in the summer months. He enjoys his hobbies of practicing Yoga, meditation and traveling with his wife Frances.

Dr. Miller attended Muhlenberg College, Temple Dental School, and completed his pediatric dental specialty training at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He then enlisted in the US Army, where he was awarded the rank of Major and served as the Chief of Pediatric Dentistry in West Berlin, Germany. Upon Leaving the service, he opened his practice in Lancaster, PA.

He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Pennsylvania Dental Association, American Dental Association, and Lancaster County Dental Society and a member of the Zane Grey Society (Zane Grey is the most famous western writer of all time and he was a dentist who went to the same dental school as Dr. Aaron, Penn!)  and had provided numerous lectures on the Code of the West at Society meetings and is a tour guide at the Zane Grey house in Lakawaxon PA.

Dr. Miller is extremely proud of his contribution to the Roy Rogers section of the new children book 50 American Heroes Every Child Should MeetOpens a New Window (Denenberg and Rosco) "Roy Rogers and Dale Evan", Parents Humanitarians, etc. pg. 90-91.