Meet The Cowboy Dentists


Dr. Steve

Kids Cowboy Dentistry

CONGRATULATIONS to the original cowboy dentist, who just retired at the young age of 77!
Dr Steve built this practice and building from scratch with his bare hands…ok he had a construction company build the building. He purchased the land from the Roseville Tavern in 1979 and the practice opening in 1980. In his retirement, Dr Steve has immersed himself in his hobbies of practicing Yoga, meditation, reading and re-learning the guitar. Dr Steve still comes by to chat and say hello, so if you see him, say Howdy Pardner!.

Dr. Aaron

Kids Cowboy Dentistry

Dr Aaron purchased the practice from his father, Dr Stephen Miller, after beginning his career here in 2007. Dr. Aaron graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and continued on to receive his specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. He enjoys, skiing, cycling, learning guitar, traveling with his wife Crystal, and being outdoors with their Bernese Mountain dog, Brighton (who is a terrible walker).